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The rings in the Stackable Collection allow different ring styles to stack together for even more options. Perhaps your son and daughter are as different as night and day- combine a DESTINY to symbolize her and an IRRESISTIBLE to symbolize him.

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The Stackable Collection give you a broad palette to create your own personal family mementos and commemorate different events in your life. A stack could be built over time for your daughter, celebrating major milestones in her life. For example one ring to symbolize her birth and a second when she is baptized. A third ring could be added to the stack on her confirmation. Or you can choose one Stackable ring to honor the birth of your son and another for getting that dream job. Then, when your anniversary comes around, you can add another ring to the stack with a special message. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.


1 Triplet Ring and 1 Glamorous Ring


2 Irresistible Rings and 1 Destiny Ring


2 Crystal Rings


3 Triplet Rings


3 Destiny Rings


Celebrate Motherhood

Love and pride, joy and worry- motherhood will inspire a broader and more intense spectrum of emotions than any other experience in a woman's life. Celebrate the laughter and the tears and all that motherhood brings with ArtCarved Celebrations of Life family jewelry. With exquisite design and personalized detail, each piece of Celebrations of Life jewelry is not just an attractive fashion accessory but a treasure keepsake.

Sparkling stones in a gleaming band of gold are beautiful- and when each stone is the birthstone of a child, they become the gateway to a flood of feelings and reminder of your most cherished blessings. For an even more personalized treasure, many Celebrations of Life styles can be cast with names, birthdates or other messages to create a lovely memento that is as unique as your family.


Multiple Irresistible Rings

Celebrations of Life Rings- Mothers ring design by ArtCarved.
Beautiful stacking and stackable rings for mother and grandmother.


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