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Mothers Rings
Steps to selecting and creating symbolic Keepsake Jewelry

What is a Mothers Ring?

Mothers rings are symbolic keepsakes that represent a mother's or grandmother's own unique family.  They are most often personalized with stones, either genuine birthstones or simulated stones, that signify the birth month of each child or family member.  Some mothers rings are personalized with the names of family members; others include both names and stones; some include just names. 

Most custom made mothers rings and mothers
jewelry has free shipping to a USA street address.

Step One- Who you will include?

We have helped our customers create these special rings for many years. Over the years our customers have chosen to create their keepsake ring with a special purpose.
  • Some rings are made with birthstones for the children only.
  • Some are made with birthstones for the children (or grandchildren), mom (or grandma) and dad (or grandpa).
  • Some mothers rings are made with the birthstones of the children, mom, dad and anyone who is important to their family unit.  We can have special individuals that may be of no blood relation that make up our individual family structure.
  • Some rings are also made specifically for sisters or friends with each sister/friend having a ring.  These rings signify the special bond between them.

  • These rings have also been presented as a special gift to the new mother of the children on the couple's wedding day... a gift signifying unity or the joining of the family or families.

These are symbolic rings so they can be
made to represent what is important to you

Step Two- Will you ever want to "add" stones?

If your family size should change, will you want your mothers ring to represent this change? Some mother's ring manufacturers offer a trade-in program with up to the maximum number of stones possible for that particular setting as long as the setting is still in production. Your existing ring is traded in for a new one with the new stone or stones added (you do not get your old ring back except for with The Original Mother's Ring) and pricing depends upon when the service is used and what stones are added.  Some mfrs. do NOT offer a trade-in program.  If you wish to add a stone to one of these rings, a entire new setting must be purchased. Only the following collections currently offer a trade-in program for designs still in production (price depends upon when the service is used and what stone is added)...

Step Three- Do you want just stones or would you like names?

Some rings are made with only stones... some are made with names and stones... others are made with only names.  Only a few collections offer mothers rings that are personalized with names.  Below is a list...

Step Four- Will it have genuine or simulated stones?

Now you need to decide on the type of stones that will be set in your mother's ring. Genuine stones are products of nature which are often treated to either bring about or enhance their beauty using industry standard techniques.  Simulated stones only imitate the genuine stone (some months imitate better than others) however most varieties are much more affordable than genuine stones.  Some exceptions can be Garnet, Amethyst, White Topaz, Smokey Quartz, Peridot, Citrine and Blue Topaz.  Click on the option boxes provided on each product page to view pricing of genuine stones for that particular mothers ring. Click here for a list of traditional and nontraditional genuine stones that some mfrs. offer.

Step Five- What mothers ring style is best?

Style is strictly personal preference... some women like traditional, classic designs because they are timeless. Some women like bold, freeform designs which make a fashion statement because of their uniqueness.  If you are unsure, browse our collections of specialty rings for mothers to find one that is right for you and always read the information provided. 

If you are not sure you will like a particular mothers ring design, we recommend that you order in a sample to view prior to purchase.  Our samples are provided by the mfr. and are gold plated brass set with simulated stones.  Generally only one sample is available for each ring design. and samples are for viewing only and must be returned.

Step Six- What ring size do I need? 

It is ALWAYS best to order your family ring in the correct size to begin with. While most of these rings can be resized (Treasure Rings are not resizable), it can be expensive especially if you have The Original Mother's Ring because there are two bands that must be resized. 

If you are in doubt as to the correct finger size, we recommend that you order a set of plastic finger sizers to help determine the correct size or have your finger sized locally by a professional jeweler. 

Note:  When ordering the Original Mother's Ring, you should have your finger sized with a 5mm wide finger sizer if you order this ring with a "gap".

Step Seven- What metal quality or color should I select? 

Most rings are available in 10k or 14k gold.  You will usually have a choice of yellow or white gold and it is usually based upon the color of precious metal a women tends to wear.  Some designs are also available in 18k and/or platinum.

How to Read Our Product Information Pages

1- Enlarged picture of the ring, pendant or pin. 7- Future stone "addition" information- Many items do NOT have a trade-in option. Read for complete details. Fee applies.
2- Usually a side view of the ring, pendant or pin, if available... or an additional view. 8- Return Policy-  Whether an item is returnable or not returnable.
3- Smaller picture. Often closer to actual size (be sure to refer to stone/item sizes provided in #3 because this is not always true). 9- Indicates that most pictures are enlarged to show detail... refer to product sizes provided.
4- Approximate stone size and item width or height. 10- Links to Frequently Asked Questions, Our Product Ratings and information on how to order a brass sample to view prior to purchase.
5- Important product information- BE SURE TO READ. Different information applies for mothers rings in different collections. 11- Shipping Information- Most custom made mothers jewelry items ship free to a USA street address.
6- Production Time. The time it takes to make the item plus actual shipping time. 12- Link to optional chain section of our website.

Shipping Time... Another Thing to Consider-  Some collections take as little as 4 days to ship while others take from 3 to 6 weeks to ship. Always look at the approximate production time indicated on each individual product page and add actual shipping time.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Genuine Stones- Below is a list of traditional genuine birthstones and non-traditional stones that many manufacturer's use...

Traditional Birthstones
GENUINE Stones Some Mfrs. Offer
January Garnet  
February Amethyst  
March Aquamarine Sky Blue Topaz
April Diamond White Sapphire
White Topaz
White Zircon
May Emerald Green Onyx
Green Tourmaline
Green Quartz
June Alexandrite (scarce/expensive)
Cultured Pearl
Smokey Quartz
Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline
July Ruby Rhodolite Garnet
August Peridot  
September Sapphire Blue Spinel
October Pink Tourmaline
November Citrine
December Blue Zircon Blue Topaz

* Other stones may also be available. Note that the following genuine birthstones are seldom offered in mothers rings- March- Bloodstone, June- Alexandrite, June- Moonstone, August- Sardonyx, December- Turquoise.

Why are nontraditional stones offered?  Each mfr. offers their own selection of genuine stones so it is important that you view the stone options for each individual item by clicking on the option boxes.  Nontraditional stones are usually offered for two reasons... because of price (in order to keep pricing more affordable) or because of the ring setting (some mothers ring prongs are not long enough to securely hold a cabochon- domed without facets- like Opals or Moonstone or a sphere like a Cultured Pearl).

The following collections offer Cultured Pearls in many of their mothers ring designs...  # 2, # 6, # 10

The following collections offer Opals in many of their designs...  # 2, # 10, # 13

Some of the rings in the following collection can be made with genuine Alexandrite...  # 4

What are Stackable Mother's Rings? Stackable rings fit nicely together (must be matching designs with the same item number) so generally 2-3 rings can be comfortably worn on one finger. Each ring usually represents one family member.  A unique reason to select stackables is that down the road the child's ring can be given to them or their spouse. 

  • # 7, # 8- Three designs available- Destiny, Kisses and Irresistible.

What is a Treasure ring?  A Treasure Ring is a ring that is very unique because, while it looks like a regular ring, it has a latch that opens.  Two sides of the ring are hinged so they open to show your personal hand engraved message and possibly birthstones that are hidden on the inside.  Truly a special ring when presented to any mother.

What is a commercial grade genuine stone?  Commercial grade stones are usually lower quality stones.  A few mfrs. offer them to keep pricing of their mothers jewelry lower.  It is most noticeable in rubies and emeralds which appear more cloudy.  Sapphires may also be quite dark.  Look for our own personal rating for that particular collection located on the Product Information page.  A link is provided on each mother's ring page.

Pomeroy Jewelers is a second generation, family owned and operated business that opened 1973.  Located in the northwestern area of lower Michigan, we have been assisting our online customers across the USA with custom made mothers jewelry through MomsJewelryBox.com since 1999.

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